My Origin Story

My personal philosophy is this: “If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.”

I’m crazy about manifesting, not because you can create the perfect car, career or circumstance, but because you get to write the very rules of your life in a way you never imagined possible!

My name is Kai Oceans, and I LOVE to go deep about everything spiritual, metaphysical, self-development and of course THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, specifically the Abraham teachings. I blog and talk about what I learned about manifesting that goes far deeper than getting a parking spot or free coffee.

I learned to do this after completely exhausting myself trying to force solutions in a highly toxic and dysfunctional home. In my lowest point at the end of 2013 I went knee deep into the Abraham teachings to learn how to create my own reality after many failed attempts. Just shy of a year of going deep in the teachings I decided to take a leap of faith and go into a shelter where I used manifesting and intuition to survive. In 14 months I manifested my own place without a job or income to speak of! And that was just the beginning, I learned how to manifest even bigger wins since!

What I’m About

I’m all about creating a life through joy and questioning the rules that we were taught by society. To excel and accomplish the unique and distinct preferences that we came into this body excited to live that society told us was impossible, wrong or taboo.

I’ve became frustrated after encountering so many e-books, courses, interviews , books and sites about manifesting that just didn’t cut it for me or didn’t give me the results I was looking for. But through life experience and manifesting so many things that I thought I couldn’t or shouldn’t have, I’ve learned those subtle, refined and easily looked over parts of creating your reality that I was always missing from other sources. THAT is what I’m passionate about on this blog!

I go deep into beliefs, desires, limited thinking and what you ACTUALLY need to do to finally break your realm of possibility of what you can have. To finally put joy first in becoming who you actually want to be because it’s fun. Not because we have to please our parents, be responsible or to jump through the hoops of society that is determined to keep you in line with “how it is.”

I believe thriving for joy is natural, real and is possible for everyone, no matter what your story is. I’m living proof that if you allow yourself to have what you ACTUALLY want, you can exceed any limitation you or anyone else ever thought you had.

What You’ll Find in This Blog

This blog is a culmination of my lifestyle as an Aber, a hardcore fan of the Abraham teachings. I write about what I learned that worked best in manifesting the small and AWESOME stuff in my life, the radical mindset shifts that I made since 2014 and the continuation of my deepening understanding of the teachings.

I also love to talk about the psychic arts, the spiritual realm, our spirit team and our cosmic origins, so you’ll find loads about those things here on the blog too!

You’ll also learn:

  • The subtle nature of vibration and energy and how it effects our manifestations.
  • The beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world and how that equals the reality we live.
  • What living the Abraham teachings every day is like.
  • How to hack your reality in big ways through fun, easy and creative processes.
  • How to manifest the big dreams, the pit falls people run into and how to avoid them.
  • My spiritual journey and channeled messages from my guides.
  • What I’m currently learning in my own manifestations and co-creations!

I also offer readings and 1:1 sessions using everything I learned to teach stuck and frustrated deliberate creators how to manifest their most stubborn desires with more ease and joy than ever before! If you’re interested in having me as your personal manifesting mentor you can sign up here.

In Conclusion

I decided to create Follow Your Inner Child Readings because I’ve been talking about this stuff for years without a proper home for it despite the successes I’ve continue to get from it. So I’m excited to make a space where I can put all my manifesting adventures in one place now! Where I can connect with more deliberate creators and help them with their own manifesting and spiritual journeys as well!

This blog is for deliberate creators who wants to have fun growing, expanding and being all of who they are. For people that want adventure, spiritual knowledge and a desire to reach their dreams with far less effort and far more fun than they could imagine using The Law of Attraction!

So if you’re just as bat shit crazy about manifestation, love talking about it and going deep into it as I am, this is the place for you!

You can start here read more about my manifestation tales, or if you’re excited to work with me to help you with your own manifesting, you can check out my 1:1 services to begin the start of a wonderful co-creation with me!

See you soon!

Kai ❤