EFT To Stop Perfectionism

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In this session, we will tap on the issues and blocks surrounded around striving for perfection at all costs.

If you feel:

☄️ That you fail at everything you do ☄️

☄️ That you can’t try anything new without being perfect at it right away ☄️

☄️ Afraid to try new things or a new approach to personal and creative projects ☄️

☄️ Your value comes from on how good your skills are and how people perceive them ☄️

☄️ You can’t make any mistakes even in the privacy of your personal life ☄️

We will work together to clear the core negative thoughts, feelings and situations that prevent you from going for your desires in a way that is emotionally and mentally sustainable and fun!

Each session includes tapping homework, journal prompts and a follow up email to ensure you get the most out of our time together!

Once you book your session, I will contact you to set up our meeting time on Skype!

So much love and unicorn blessings, 🦄

Kai 💖 (he/him/his)

EFT sessions doesn’t replace, health, legal or mental heath advice or services.

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