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More information on the Crystal Code Aura Readings:

The crystal code is a dynamic reading that goes straight to the source of whatever is being asked, your aura! Through my ability of clarification or intuitive smelling, I can smell the colors that is surrounding you and how it is affecting your life. I can even connect to your guides and the colors they emit through The Crystal Code.

Whatever is going on in your life will always show in your aura in ways that might not show up in other places, even the emotions or goals that you are unaware of at the moment. The aura is truly our mirrors and reflections of all that we go through on all levels. These readings are much more in-depth because I’m not talking to angels but going right where the energy of the situation lies. In these readings people often tell me “that is what I was feeling exactly!”

In the times I’ve used the crystal code on myself, I was often shocked of how in-depth it was. It showed me things that I couldn’t have known otherwise. It also gave me a feeling of relief from showing me unconscious behaviors that I can change and improve upon.

I’ve been doing readings for over 8 years and have great experience getting to the bottom of what is blocking a person and how to transform their obstacles into stepping stones. I have a down to earth, approachable reading style that is easy to understand and relatable. All my readings are honest, practical, magical, fun and accurate.

This reading will be audio recorded and sent to your paypal email.

All sales are final, no refunds. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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