EFT To Release Imposter Syndrome

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In this session, we will tap on the issues and blocks surrounded around feeling like a fraud.

If you’re feeling:

Fear that people will find out that you’re not as smart, talented or accomplished as you seem ⭐

That everyone else has life, success and business figured out but you

That you have to strive for perfection in everything you do to prove that you’re just as capable as everyone else ⭐

Self-doubt, low self-esteem or little self confidence in what you have to offer

That you’re in your own way of the success you want because you feel like a poser or wannabe ⭐

We will work together to clear the core negative thoughts, feelings and situations that prevent you from feeling confident in your abilities, ideas and talents so you can create the success you desire!

Each session includes tapping homework, journal prompts and a follow up email to ensure you get the most out of our time together!

Once you book your session, I will contact you to set up our meeting time on Skype!

So much love and unicorn blessings, 🦄

Kai 💖 (he/him/his)

EFT sessions doesn’t replace, health, legal or mental heath advice or services.

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