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A soul mate is a person which you spent countless life times with. A person whose soul you recognize from the moment you meet them which is beyond what you see physically. The attraction is undeniable, the connection is certain and the bond that you feel for this person is one of a kind, a true soul mate. Everyone has a soul mate, in fact we have many, but not everyone knows how to bring their soul mate into their reality that truly fulfills them on all levels.

In this reading I’ll cover:

* Who you are

* Your sense of self-worth

* What you really want from a soul mate relationship

* What’s blocking you from manifesting a soul mate

* How to shift your blocks so you can allow your one and only into your life

* What to expect once you shifted

* The personality of your soul mate

You’ll receive your reading in your email within 1-4 weeks, usually within 2 weeks but readings might take longer than expected if my schedule is in a busy period.

I’ve been doing readings for over 8 years and have great experience getting to the bottom of what is blocking a person and how to transform their obstacles into stepping stones. I have a down to earth, approachable reading style that is easy to understand and relatable. All my readings are honest, practical, magical, fun and accurate.

This reading will be audio recorded and sent to your paypal email.

All sales are final, no refunds. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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