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In this magical EFT month package we’ll tap on anything that is bothering you!

It could be stress, frustration, anger, money worries, painful memories, body image or limited beliefs about yourself, there is no topic you can’t tap on!

We can even tap on manifesting your perfect relationship, a successful business, a more confident you, more soul mate clients or your ideal lifestyle. Again, there is no limits on what you can tap on with EFT!

Why is EFT Effective?

What makes EFT so powerful is that we’re sending a calming signal to the amygdala to stop the fight or flight response that is caused by negative and stressful events and emotions.

Because we’re targeting areas in the brain that goes past our logical thinking, dictated by our frontal lobes, EFT helps calm the nervous system, balance our emotions and energy, reduces cortisol and helps us to see things clearly.

You don’t need to know how to do EFT to take advantage of these sessions, I’ll teach you how! You also don’t need any equipment, just the tips of your finger and an open mind!

This package is also great If you’re already familiar with EFT, but need a mentor to get more effective results or want to go deeper in your practice with it!

How It Works

We’ll meet together for 60 minutes, once a week for 4 weeks on Zoom

We’ll dive right in with the situation you want to tap on and what it is that you desire most from it. We’ll get clear on the limiting beliefs, stuck negative emotions and the patterns that keeps you from creating what you want in your life. From there, I’ll guide you through an EFT session to explore, process, re-frame and let go your limiting beliefs.

You’ll also get these free bonuses:

Unlimited email support from me between sessions so you’re not alone on the journey.

Tapping resources so you can get relief and progress outside our sessions.

Coaching to support your mind, body and spirit with new tools, resources and techniques that you can use even after our work together is done.

Intuitive and spiritual guidance that comes through from my spirit team and yours.

Ready to dive in?

After you clicked the “add to bag” button and submitted payment, I’ll contact you for our meeting times.

Got questions or need a payment plan?

Email me at innerchildreadings@hotmail.com or DM me @followyourinnerchild

Social Media:
Blog: https://followyourinnerchild.com/
Insta: @followyourinnerchild
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See you soon!

Kai <3 (He/Him/His)

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