Confidence, Life Purpose

You Are Your Life Purpose

You are the answer you seek. The solution you are looking for. You’re the reason you came into this world. You are your life purpose babe.

This came to me a few years ago. The concept that the life purpose that we’re looking and searching for, is US. It’s not some mission “given” to us by a higher power that we have to figure out and then do. Everything in us and what makes us who we are is our reason we’re here.

It shows up as your talents.

It shows up as the things you’re passionate about.

It shows up as the things that make you happy.

It shows up as the things you want to see more of in the world.

It shows up in the good and bad experiences that made you who you are today.

It shows up as the dreams and visions you have for yourself living your best life.

It shows up in how you uplift and love others.

It shows up as you, the YOU in the mirror, the moment you eagerly decided to be born on planet earth to co-create with so many and have a fuck ton of adventures.

When you was that tiny bean, that bouncy baby, that moody adolescent, that passionate young adult and who you are now (and whatever age you are) you’ve been living and fulfilling your life purpose.

I believe deeply that (one of) my life purposes is to inspire people to do what they are passionate about doing. The things that they REALLY want to do, even if it’s unrealistic or crazy. I’m all about it and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

When I look back at my 28 years of life, especially at the times I was desperately seeking to find my thing or niche, I was doing exactly what my life purpose is. When I started posting my art online (back in 2007) and found an art buddy having a tough time or just a random peer hurting, I would write a HUGE comment supporting them, inspiring them and just being in their corner. I wanted so much for them to see their worth as I saw them.

Often, I thought I was doing too much or being really overbearing but more times than not I was appreciated for it.

That innate drive and trait to uplift, support and just inspire people was constantly there and followed me throughout life.

It was there when I was small child.

It was there when I was a teen supporting my friends.

It was there when I would give my “I had a dream speech” (lol) to my college friends inspiring them to do their next big thing.

It was there when I was at the al-anon meetings and people would compliment me on my personal shares. This was also the time where the gift for speaking was made known to me.

It was there when I was living in a shelter and often said “be excited for the good news before it comes” at the community meetings.

It’s there today every time I speak or anytime some one wants me to share my knowledge or wisdom.

I’ve been doing my life purpose my whole life. I am my purpose.

No one taught me how to speak well, support others or how to inspire people. That shit was installed in me the whole time.

IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME FOR YOU. You were born as the dynamic, amazing and uplifting powerhouse that has been, and will, change the fucking world. You’ve been doing it the whole time my love.

You are you’re life purpose. 👍

🌈 Let me know what your purpose is and how you’ve been doing it this whole time. 🌈

So much love and unicorn magic,

Kai ❤

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