About Me

My name is Kai Oceans (he/him)

I’m an artist, sirian starseed, and unapologetically queer as fuck (non-binary, asexual, aromantic). I love anything rainbow, colorful, spiritual, child-like, fantasy, dreamy, adventurous and out of the box.

My interests in spirituality and healing started before I hit double digits; I was fascinated by the metaphysical world and decided to learn everything I could get my hands on.

When I was 22, I launched my first spiritual business doing angel card readings in hopes to combine my passion with entrepreneurship. I loved helping people get connected to their guides while giving them clarity about their challenges in life. You could always find me coaching my friends, blogging about the spiritual and creating weekly card readings on Youtube.

Even though I made great personal strides in my spiritual career and business, my home life was a complete mess due to my family’s alcoholism. It eventually became too much in 2013 and I stopped doing readings, YouTube and even blogging. I was at my lowest low, dealing with intense stress, anxiety, depression and self-doubt every single day. At the end of 2013, I had a wakeup call and decided to finally do what was right for me. I completely changed my attitude and learned to nurture the positives in my life. I dived deep into the Abraham Teachings, started therapy, and went to al-anon weekly.

I learned about EFT that year in 2014 and loved the results, but the stress of home was too overwhelming to keep up with it. The family alcoholism never stopped, but I kept doing the work to heal myself. I eventually went to a shelter for 14 months to finally give myself the healthy life I deserved.

I tapped on and off throughout the years, but In 2018 I gotten my first EFT book “Tapping into Ultimate Success” by Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner and did every tapping exercise. I tapped every day and was blown away at how fast my life long negative beliefs about myself dissolved.

EFT was the only healing modality that actually cleared out the residual shame, guilt, fear and limited beliefs I had due to being raised in a dysfunctional and alcoholic household.

Tapping gave me the permission to be who I want to be freely, without questioning myself, and go for my wildest dreams again.

Combining EFT with my passion for the Abraham Teachings, I was able to continue to calm the anxiety, fear and overwhelm and dismantle old beliefs that held me back from the creative and passionate life I always wanted for myself.

Now I want to continue to guide other creatives, star people and healers in using EFT to dissolve the old stories about themselves. So they can have the mental and emotional bandwidth to create passionate lives full of joy and fulfillment, without compromising who they are.

I want to show that no matter who you are or how you grew up, you do have the power to impact the world authentically while being massively supported!