The Truth About Being “Positive” In The Law of Attraction

It’s not about being happy no matter what, but feeling as best as you can in any moment.

Which means, if feeling anger is the path of least resistance and as best as you can feel, then feel it.

Often people think that their job in manifesting is being a bright happy and shiny person in the face of adversity, trauma, shit going wrong, shitty people or things they don’t like, but that is not true. You can feel mad, angry, depressed, frustration or even powerless and still become an amazing manifestor and manifest your wildest dreams. It’s not necessary to live in those emotional states forever, but you have to allow yourself to go up the emotional scale. Allow yourself to naturally feel better because love, joy and happiness IS YOUR NATURAL STATE that you’re always being called to. You’ll naturally move up to those emotions if you’re not holding yourself in resistance.

That also means that if unplugging from the situation, going for a walk, yelling or crying is your way up the emotional scale then that is the right thing to do. Because trying to force yourself to be positive when you’re not actually in that vibration only compounds the resistance that you’re fighting against in the first place.

Here is a personal example:

I found my apartment covered in dust from the work maintenance did last week and I was livid, especially since my afternoon was full of shit already.

I allowed myself to scream, yell, throw an empty gallon container of litter and cuss until I couldn’t no more. Then sat on my dust covered couch and cried because I was frustrated, I allowed myself to feel how I felt and move up the emotional scale from anger to frustration. I didn’t feel instant bliss but I did feel better and continued to do things that made me feel better in the following days. I knew I wasn’t jumping for joy but I didn’t beat myself up about it either, I knew that this too shall pass and I’ll feel better over time. There are many ways we soothe ourselves when we’re angry, frustrated or depressed and I understood when I allowed myself to express my anger instead of “sugar coating” it, I did feel better quicker.

It’s allowing yourself to have a bad day and not condemning yourself because you’re experiencing contrast, or that you’re not “high vibe” at the moment and have rainbows shooting out of your ass. It’s about knowing that life is about contrast and you’ll always get the choice to feel better or not. Again, it’s not about “positive thinking” but feeling better from where you are currently which can include positive thinking when you’re in the vibrational range where that actually feels better.

I could still find things that I was happy and appreciative about in my life when I found my apartment covered in dust. But that only felt better once I was out of the heat of the moment the next day. I had a great day at work where I was able to vent a bit to co-workers and have a laugh about it, I was surely going up the emotional scale.

This morning I had a big fuss with the maintenance person which brought that vivid anger back, but I knew that was okay. Though I felt that same fit of rage come over me at the time I was talking to the maintenance guy, the anger didn’t take me out (completely) like it did before. I felt a lot better overall after I vented in the workout room by myself for 10 minutes and was able to move up the scale a lot faster. I also did my treadmill workout that also helped me detach from what happened and move me up the emotional scale.

If you’re practicing LOA or manifesting, don’t let the idea of not being positive 24/7 scare you or make you fear that you’re doing something wrong. No one is positive all the time (I’m surely not) and we didn’t come here to do that anyway. We wanted the benefit of the contrast to help us define what we wanted more precisely. What you should aim for is to use those moments to learn how to feel better which is always towards the positive end of the stick but it doesn’t mean that you’re jumping from powerlessness or anger to pure bliss on the emotional scale all in one go.

Looking back, some of my toughest times really inspired and helped me hone in my manifesting game and who I am as a person. Causing me to seek solutions I wouldn’t have otherwise be seeking if I didn’t feel the anger, fear, frustration, abandonment or otherwise in those situations.

Truly, manifesting and using The Law of Attraction is not about being positive when that isn’t your truth in the moment, but being able to navigate the highs and lows of life and knowing how to get back to your natural state of alignment of your source (love and joy). That journey doesn’t look like love, light and joy all the time, it also includes anger, frustration and “negative” emotions depending where you’re starting point is.

No matter where you start or how the journey looks or feels like to yourself or others, it’s all good and divine since source only sees us as who we truly are.

Be easy on yourself and give yourself a break in those tough times. We’re all trying our best with what we got and well-being always wins out at the end.

I help fed up conscious creators navigate and learn how to manifest their best life using The Law of Attraction, if you’re struggling on manifesting a desire after doing everything to perfect the art you can book a session with me here.

So much love and unicorn magic,

Kai ❤

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