My name is Kai Oceans (He/Him) and I’m an EFT practitioner that focuses on helping creative intuitives breakthrough their blocks, so they can manifest more passionate and successful creative lives and careers!

I also offer readings and provide 1:1 coaching to help creatives clear the fog on their visions so they can manifest what they want with more confidence, ease and fun!

OMG. Dead on. Wow. I need some time to digest this, but everything you said is exactly what I am experiencing. I am on the cusp of something – I know I am – and am distracted by simple things that are not part of the change that is coming. I am fighting daily to listen to allow the change. Perhaps I just need to let go and be. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing you time and talents.


“Hi Kai! Thank you! I hope you understand my English because it’s not so good. But I’ll do my best 🙂 You are right what you have seen and my aura color is green I know I have a special gift in me and I know what it is I wanna work with it and I read a lot. The blockage in me I will try to clear it… I have to Because my special gift is the healer in me. Thank u again Kai! God bless you”