My name is Kai Oceans (He/Him) and I’m an EFT practitioner that focuses on helping creative intuitives breakthrough their blocks, so they can manifest more passionate and successful creative lives and careers!

I also offer readings and provide 1:1 coaching to help creatives clear the fog on their visions so they can manifest what they want with more confidence, ease and fun!

“Thanks tons hon… My reading makes perfect sense! Thanks again! Xx”


OMG. Dead on. Wow. I need some time to digest this, but everything you said is exactly what I am experiencing. I am on the cusp of something – I know I am – and am distracted by simple things that are not part of the change that is coming. I am fighting daily to listen to allow the change. Perhaps I just need to let go and be. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing you time and talents.