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Money Manifesting For Beginners

Manifesting money can be one of the most awarding things to manifest. But so many of us struggle how to apply The Law of Attraction to money in a way that actually works. It’s hard for us because we were trained to think negative beliefs around money and what it means to have (a lot) it.

I know for me, manifesting money at the beginning seemed like an impossible feat that only seemed to erode my already low self-confidence and lack of worthiness. However, in the last few years I’ve learned how to dismantle my negative beliefs around money, soothe my resistance and allow more cash into my life so I can have a more fun and abundant experience.

So I want to share some key concepts through a series of blog posts that will not only help you to manifest more money, but actually help you bridge the gap from feeling broke and living with not enough money, to feeling abundant and actually see the money coming in!

I hope you enjoy this first part where I dive deep into the foundation of all money manifestation work!

Key 1: The amount of money you can have or attract is only determined by your vibration, not your worthiness, deservingness or hard work.

This is something that I struggled with for many years because I was taught from an early age that only hard working people can have money or deserved to have money. That the amount of hard work you put in will equate to how much money you get out. Most people are taught this, but this teaching goes directly against The Law of Attraction because the universe isn’t responding to your physical action, but the thoughts and feelings you’re having in that very moment.

That is because everything is vibration including your thoughts and emotions and the universe is only reflecting back those vibrations you’re currently emitting. It’s not considering the physical action you’re doing in the real world.

That means, if you’re putting in the hard work from a place of feeling broke and despair over not having the money you want or jealousy that other people have more money than you, The Law of Attraction will only respond to those thoughts and feelings and you’ll manifest more situations like it.

Your vibration will only offer you more of the essence of your thoughts and feelings, NOT THE ACTION ITSELF. Your action only reflects and compounds your current vibration.

Ever heard of the rat race, and people wanting to escape it, but never do? That is a perfect example of people offering action from a place of not having enough. You work and work and work without changing your vibration so the universe delivers more of the same to you. It has to since it only reads your vibration and NOT YOUR ACTION.

In other words, your current vibration of lack of money will only manifest more experiences of not having enough money, because that is where your current focus (vibration) is.

 How to Shift Your Vibration Towards More Money

Having more money is ALWAYS about your thoughts and feelings, meaning, if you want more money, you have to offer that vibration first before it can come, IT IS LAW. You can’t want money, but have the focus on the lack of it and expect it to manifest. This is because your thoughts and beliefs of not having enough money is NOT the same vibration of your desire of having more money.

Your vibration have to MATCH your desire’s vibration.

You have to think thoughts that FEEL more prosperous, abundant, rich, free or whatever having more money feels like to you before it can manifest because it is the VIBRATION THAT BRINGS IT FORTH, NOT THE ACTION.

But you might be asking: “But Kai, how can I feel more abundant when I’m living a reality that is the total opposite??? I REALLY want more money, in fact I NEED it, how can I suddenly just stop offering negative thoughts about money when I can’t do XYZ ? How will things change???

Simple, you START FROM WHERE YOU ARE. This is where you start doing the “vibrational work” to shift your reality.

Yes, you have to start shifting your thoughts and beliefs before things can change, but the biggest mistake people, especially newbies, make in manifesting is that they believe that they can suddenly jump from a lifetime of feeling of not having enough, to having all the money they can ask for in one day. Where they can instantaneously manifest that reality if they “think positive” and “act as if” for a day, a week or even a month perfectly.

This way of trying to manifest will NOT work and will even backfire on you!!

The key to making this work is starting where you are, which means, If you mostly feel stressed about money then you have to shift those feelings incrementally.

In other words, feel LESS bad about money, stress LESS about money, focus on things that are easy to think about and JUST GO GENERAL. Don’t pretend you don’t have money issues but talk yourself into your well-being and that things always work out.

For example, if a bill comes in the mail and you start feeling that stabbing sensation in your stomach and you’re reminded about the money you don’t have, remind yourself that the universe has your back.

You don’t have to chant you’re a millionaire, because that won’t feel true to you which will result in more resistance. But you can take baby steps to help you feel some relief about the bill coming in. The real “work” is the feeling of relief around money, not pretending you have endless funds in the bank or hustling frantically to make every buck you can because both locks you into feeling broke. Thus nothing changes.

Think thoughts that are easy around prosperity and abundance to get used to having that new vibration, and build on it day by day. This is the work you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. <- (I will talk more about that in a later post!)

In time, as you KEEP DOING THIS, even when “reality” of your old vibration shows up, THINGS WILL CHANGE, it has to since you’re offering a different vibration that matches more of what you want.

The important piece here is always finding a better feeling thought, not trying to solve a problem. The inspiration and guidance that will take you to the money will be presented to you, but you have to be open to receive it. When you’re struggling you’re not open, but when you feel relief, fun, joy or even hope you’re a lot more open to receive the guidance that your inner being is trying to guide you towards.

I’ll talk more about starting where you are, going general and etc, in a future blog post, but for now, really digest and more so EXPERIMENT with this concept.

How can you feel less stress, more relief, more satisfied towards the topic of money, even if it’s nonsensical, do the work to notice the negative thoughts and then find a way to feel better. Again, it’s not about jumping from desperation to believing you’re a millionaire, but feeling less “in the hole” and perhaps a little less frustrated towards the topic of money!

If you want personal guidance from me on how you can personally start attracting more money into your life you can book a reading here. From tarot to energy readings, I have a passion for sharing my wisdom with others. I love showing people the way to their big dreams and the light that is already within them!

So much love and unicorn magic,
Kai ❤

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