perfection in business will hurt you in the long run
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Don’t Wait Until You’re Perfect

Don’t wait to create the business you want until you’re perfect. Don’t wait until you’re “ready.” Don’t wait until you’ve lost the weight. Got the coach. Quit the job. Got the perfect Instagramable apartment. The Piece of paper. Permission. Whatever… It’s a trap that all of us fall into at some point, especially if you’re… Continue reading Don’t Wait Until You’re Perfect


The Truth About Being “Positive” In The Law of Attraction

It’s not about being happy no matter what, but feeling as best as you can in any moment. Which means, if feeling anger is the path of least resistance and as best as you can feel, then feel it. Often people think that their job in manifesting is being a bright happy and shiny person… Continue reading The Truth About Being “Positive” In The Law of Attraction